Alcoholics have an upward task of kicking the bottle for good and resuming a healthy lifestyle once again.

Though it may seem extremely tough initially, most people are able to be off alcohol for good. The most powerful tool is will power.

Alcohol addiction is a very strong addiction that if not controlled can prove to be fatal in the end. Excess intake of alcohol causes the liver to get damaged and also weakens the central nervous systems. Such consequences can be life threatening. Overcoming an addiction to alcohol can be a long and tedious task. At times, the journey may seem too tiresome and not worth the effort. However, it is not impossible, provided that one is strongly determined to give up the same. The only thing is that it takes a considerable amount of time to give it up completely and hence, one has to be patient about it.

Tackle the obstacles:

Recovery is usually a more gradual process.  During the early attempts, denial is a huge obstacle. Therefore at the offset, one must aim at reducing the consumption rate at the first stage. He has to limit the days per week for consumption of alcohol and also no. of glasses per day has to be lowered down.

Next, one has to decide that within a span of how many days/months henceforth, he is going to give up drinking. This target is vital as it will help to maintain the required pressure to slowly neutralise the consumption rate.

All alcohol, barware, and other drinking reminders should be removed from the house. Also, one must make the family members or friends realise that he/she is trying to give up drinking. Participation with friends in drinking should be avoided. It should be made very clear at home that drinking is prohibited. In addition, one must try to maintain distance from people who drink heavily.

It’s All About the Will Power

Some people can halt boozing on their will, while some alcoholics may need therapeutic management in order to remove from alcohol securely and contentedly.  One can choose a way to quit the bottle based on how much alcohol you have been consuming, duration of addiction &other health issues you may have. However, if one has been a heavy drinker, there is a need of detoxification for which, the person will have to consult a doctor who would advise medications for the purpose.

One very essential thing for giving up alcohol is to try to restore/develop soberness in the attitude. One should try to be around with people who are capable of influencing in a positive way. This will help to keep up the motivational level to be able to stay in the retrieval track.

Thus, it is not impossible, though difficult, to conquer drinking. For that one has to get himself/herself fettered with the bindings of discipline that would encourage staying away from temptations, dishing out other ways of enjoyment/stress buster etc. This would let the person to gradually develop repulsion towards alcoholic drinks and bring back the desired freshness in life.