Itchiness may result on tongue just after a mean. This can be due to many reasons. You must have felt it many a time

You can feel your tongue itching when you just have food. This may be because of the food item itself. There may be other causes to this also. You may want to know in detail about them. Knowing the reasons will help you to counter this issue. You can also look into some diseases that may lead to this condition. You may face this because of various kinds of food items and situations. Even environmental causes may be the reason for it.

Itchy Mouth

Itchiness in mouth can also lead to itchiness of tongue. It may become more volatile after meal. This may be because of bacterial infection or also stale mouth. You may even consider the bruises in mouth that may lead to itchy tongue. Sometimes scalds and sores on tongue can also be the cause for this. You can blame even the unhygienic conditions you maintain for this situation. If you do not brush often, then itchiness of mouth and tongue can result from these practices.

Food Allergy

Food allergies are the most common cause for itchiness of tongue and mouth. You may consume food that you may be allergic to. This can result in negative reaction from your body immune system. This can also affect throat and your lips. This can even make your tongue to swell. You should also see to it that you consume healthy food items. It is best to do away with food items that cause discomfort to your mouth and throat. You should check on the ingredients of ay preparation to avoid any such situation.

Hay Fever

Sometimes even hay fever can lead to itchiness of tongue. This may be because your immune system falls weak this time.  You should also get proper medicines for this disease. It is an infection. It may result because of dust particles and other materials. You may face discomfort in breathing and even in mouth because of this. This can lead to infection of tongue as well. You may even see some sore marks on tongue during suffering period.

Oral Allergy Syndrome

You can also suffer from oral allergy syndrome in winter. This may result in sores on the tongue. You can even face this because of allergens like fruits, vegetables and nuts. This may accompany with hay fever. You can also deal with this in time and save yourself from itchiness of tongue. Oral allergy syndrome will also affect your immune system. It may affect your throat and mouth negatively. This may even cause your lips to burn or swell. You should also make sure that you do not consume allergen food items in winter.

These are the few common causes of itchiness of tongue after meal. Even the food product you have may lead to this. You should be careful about all these four factors and also counter them in time.