No one really gets that long by being a couch potato. One of the most ordinary health issues which are more often than not neglected by a lot of us is blood pressure.

Since blood pressure reading anomalies such as high systolic can leave you behind high cholesterol levels and gives rise to high risk of cardiac disorders. High systolic or diastolic blood pressure is nothing but increased blood pressure flanked by muscle contraction and implies a big threat if the reading goes above the range of 90.


Are you the one who is counted among the overweight population? Does your body mass index rate go beyond 35? If the answer to these questions is yes then be cautious as you are not just healthy but wickedly obese. Obesity is abounding with a concern of weighing a few additional pounds in the body and has more often than not been linked with the high cardio dangers and blood pressure anomalies. This particular fat disorder is seen as one of the first causes behind increased diastolic blood pressure. A huge majority of the people who weight many pounds extra are at a big risk of putting up with hypertension as compared to the normal people around.

This is due to the people who weight much in excess and have cholesterol in their bodies which puts forth big pressure on the arteries and further shows the way to diastolic blood pressure. If the average diet takes account if baked beans or French fries then you really cannot be much away from putting up with increased cholesterol that is fairly thought as the forerunner of hypertension. If your normal rate shows low in calcium and potassium contents and exceedingly high in the count of sodium then be aware as you may perhaps only be calling for big problem for your heart ahead in your life.

It is not at all difficult to miss out on health and fitness when binging on your much loved pizza and sipping aerated beverages or drinks. On the other hand, prior going out at a friend’s party and with a can of beer beware that bad eating habits linked with an inactive way of life and increased stress could just get your blood pressure rising. No workouts and lack of imbalanced diet can be the other reason for your high diastolic blood pressure. The severity of this is so bad that it can even result in heart strokes and other dreadful attacks on you.

Too much of smoking and consumption of alcohol not just leave one with constant halitosis but it at the same time has its effect on increased blood pressure. Smoking as it is known could show the way to developed nicotine on the arteries as a result toning the blood vessels and effecting in high diastolic blood pressure. Nevertheless, alcohol includes a lot of calorie content which can leave behind increased blood pressure levels in the human body.