A consumption of health diet helps you having better health life even in your older days which is required to be taken care the most.

Aging brings with it many health complications that can be harmful and can have adverse effect over the health in long run. Hence it is highly recommended that once we start aging we should take extra care in consumption of eating food that can help you have healthy mind and healthy body and mind which would enhance quality life even in your older ages.

The following are some must needed nutrition in your daily diet once you get those grey in you:

Fiber: This is very essential for you to have great functioning of bowels and also better heart health. People who do not want to put on those extra pounds in older age to stay away from complication they should have fiber diet as it does not makes you feel hungry. Men above the age of 50 should have approximately 35 grams of fiber per day. Fruits, whole grains and vegetables are the best sources of fiber.

Vitamin D and Calcium: Once you start aging more of calcium and vitamin D is need to prevent weakening of bones and teeth. Low fat milk, fat free dairy products  like yogurt, fruit juices, greens, fishes, cereals are the best source of calcium and vitamin D every day. Those consuming multivitamin or calcium supplement should check for those that have the content of vitamin D in it.

Healthy Fats: Older people need to have proper check on their fat calorie intake which should not exceed from 25 percent to 40 percent of your diet for weight control body and overall health. Take care that fast that are consumed are coming from unsaturated fats that are heart friendly. You can have walnuts, almonds, avocadoes, extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil etc. elderly men with no heart troubles should lower the intake of saturated fat that is mainly consumed from full fat dairy foods, fried foods and meat. Those who have high intake of high cholesterol in their diet should limit down their saturated fat from your diet to 6 percent.

Potassium: By efficiently lowering sodium and superiorly increasing potassium intake makes you less vulnerable to the risk of high blood pressure. Vegetables, fruits, fat free and low fat yogurt and milk are good sources of potassium. One should also take care in improving their diet by switching to low-sodium foods and replacing salt intake with other spices and herbs.

Hence healthy diet along with physical exercise in the alternate days should help you gave check on your calorie intake.