Impetigo is a familiar sort of skin disease which takes place due to scratching and that is when bacteria enters the skin causing impetigo.

The bacterium enters into skin all the way through a few sort of fracture in the skin. Normally the fracture in the skin is clear which appears as a bleeding knee, insect bite or a cut where even very tiny breaks may let the microorganisms make place in the skin. Once the bacteria makes an entry into the inside layers of the skin, they develop and multiply creating a swelling. Normally, this sore gets filled with pus and then later on bursts, leaving behind a scab. This scab and swelling causes impetigo.

Causes of Impetigo

Impetigo is caused by two sorts of bacteria namely Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes where both of these takes place on the human skin devoid of any health hazard. These trigger illnesses where there is a wound or cut. Impetigo in adults is usually the end result of damage to the skin followed by another skin condition like dermatitis which is known as swelling of the skin. Kids are normally infected after a cut, scratch or an insect bite. On the other hand, kids may become prone to this devoid of any evident skin injury.

An individual can fall prey to impetigo by touching things which a diseased person comes in contact with like towels, toys and clothing. This can easily pass on to the other people once it is infected.

Signs of Impetigo

In impetigo, reddening of the skin appears in the region of the mouth and nose. The sores later on split open and come out either in fluid form or pus that leaves behind a pale yellow golden outer layer. As the outer layer becomes dry they leave a red mark that normally gets cured devoid of any caring. This is known as Non-bullous impetigo

Bullous sort of impetigo affects kids who are aged below two. Here a juicy filled sore appears on the areas such as legs, trunk and arms. The skin around the swelling is usually red and scratchy which often spread out very quickly and burst. This, in time heals with no scars.  These are not throbbing but itch the most and so it advised not to touch or cut them.

Treatment for impetigo

The intention of impetigo is to cure and augment the skin’s look and avoid problem. A physician may opt for simply hygienic measures like keeping the skin clean. Few antibiotics are directly applied on the skin where the physician may recommend few medications and ointments. Before applying the ointment, the skin needs to be well cleaned so that the antibiotic reaches into the skin.