Technology and its advancement as definitely benefitted mankind. But with positives, it also comes with negatives. Some of the ill effects can be related to health as well

You should know what negative effects technology can have on people as far as health is concerned.

1. Skin Cancer

Radiations from computers and other gadgets can cause irritation to skin. Too much exposure to such gadgets can even lead to skin cancer. It may even cause infection. You can keep a screen guard for all these gadgets so that it does not affect your skin.

2. Graying of Hair

Some gadgets like hair dryer and appliances can have long term ill effects on hair. This can cause graying of air and also weakness of roots. You should use these gadgets but not overexploit them. This can be dangerous for your scalp as well.

3. Putting on Weight

Sitting in front of computer, television and other appliances or gadgets can provoke a person to put on weight. You should not spend too much time in front of all these gadgets. You should also make time for exercise, sports and recreation outdoors.

4. Developing Phobias

Many people become influenced by what television and other media propagating devices portray. So they become indirect agents in developing certain phobias among people. It is how people use these appliances and believes reflects what type of phobia they can develop.

5. Building Addiction

Gadgets can influence a change in lifestyle of people. Sometimes you may get too attached to particular appliances because of its functionality. This can create scope of addiction among people. This can affect not only mind but even body negatively. There are many diseases both mental and physical that are seen to develop because of technological devices.

6. Encouraging Bad Habits

People may sometimes look at only the bad side of what technology has to offer. There are many people who want to carry around the video game device, cell phone and mp4 players even when it is not necessary. Being awake for hours because of addiction to the device can be harmful as well.

7. Strain on Eyes

Some gadgets can stress your eyes too much. It is how you use these devices that will make a change in your lifestyle. Some people over exhaust themselves over computer, television and other devices that require straining of eyes. This can negatively affect this organ.

8. Nervous System Conditions

Gadgets overuse can strain your brain and negatively affect nervous system. Sometimes you can even find change in heartbeats because of their use. Overuse of certain devices that help in relaxing muscles and can also lead in weakening the tissues. So you should adhere to the guidelines related to the usage of these machineries.

9. Loss of Hearing

These days, people are into music a lot. They may listen to songs on loud volume on speaker. Others may like spending time by listening to music on ear phones. Too loud a music can harm ears. This goes with the volume of television or any other audio device. So you have to maintain caution here as well.