Make your body muscular and healthy with just an easy few steps with proper diet, training and exercises helps you to stay energetic and fit.

Diet with a proper health plan is very necessary for the one to stay fit and healthy. Eating properly with proper time is very necessary for one to grow up there muscle. Only training and building muscle does not help you to build up the muscle rather you need to add some amount of nutrition in your diet.

Eating with a high quantity will not help to gain muscle. You have to opt for a proper stratagem to put on your weight without gaining extra fat. The skinny diet plans helps you to decrease the amount of carbohydrate, fats and sugar in your diet. The decrease of this food in your diet will help you to lower down your hormone level and helps to control your hunger. The skinny diet plan helps you to increase the fiber and protein in your diet. Few 7 steps will help you to make your body brawny from skinny.

Step 1

One must increase the consumption of calories in your diet. Without any intake of calories, one cannot build up their body muscle. Around 20 calories one must consume daily according to their body weight.

Step 2

The eminences of protein vary from food. To gain a proper muscle one must consume ample of protein. To gain muscle one must add 25 to 30 percent of energy. Consumption of one gram of protein provides 4 calories. If you consume 3000 calories everyday then your protein content has to increase around 190g to 225g.

Step 3

Carbohydrate is very essential for you to gain muscle. Carbohydrates include glucose which acts as a fuel source to gain muscle. Carbohydrate containing foods such as potatoes, oatmeal, rice, pasta.

Step 4

Approximately 15 to 20 percent of energy should come from fats, so it is very necessary to choose a proper kind of fat. Saturated fat in your diet can increase the risk of heart disease. Must eat a lot of oily fish substitute animal fats in butter with vegetable spread and have olive oil and nuts.

Step 5

You have to eat five or six times a day to give a proper growth to the muscles. Eat after every 3 hours.

Step 6

Prepare food at home and carry it with you when you move out to work or college. This will help you to be regular with your nutritional diet and your schedule plan.

Step 7

Milk gives a high amount of protein and calcium that can help you to increase calories. Intake of milk will repeatedly increase the amount of fats in your body.