Your mind may be hampered because of the dark circles under the eyes. There may be some major causes for it that is leading to the problem

If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, you may want to know the reason for it. Below are the 7 causes of it. This will help you to understand the issue better.

Skin Infection: Many a times, people may get dark circles under the eyes because of skin infection. Fungal growth or yeast infection can bring this problem in focus. The best way to deal with this is to visit a skin specialist and get a proper treatment for it. You may be advised to take good care of the skin by maintaining hygiene.

Allergies: Certain environmental and seasonal changes can bring in the allergies of the skin. Especially in winter, you may be prone to this condition. This can be because of the low exposure of the skin to the sun. This can make the under the eye area look darker. If the open membranes of the eyes are affected, the area may scratch a lot. This can also invite this dilemma.

Anemia: This is one of the major culprits of dark circles under the eyes. If there is not enough blood supply in the capillaries of this organ, this may result. This causes the skin tone or the color of the skin to darken. It may also provoke the excessive production of melanin. It will directly harm the eye skin and also lead to further complications.

Lack of Sleep: These days, temporary darkness under the eyes or the chronic ones results from the lack of rest and sleep. Due to overwork and straining of the eyes, the skin darkens. You may notice the darkening of the skin around the eyes, if you are tired and also feeling exhausted. You may feel the positive difference in the condition of the eye after taking a rest.

Adrenal Tiredness: Constant stress on the body can make the adrenal glands to malfunction. They basically control the metabolism and also the sexual hormones. Weight gain may further complicate the matter. The discrepancy in the production of hormones along with excessive pressure on the body and mind may result in dark circles under the eyes.

 Kidney Conditions: Kidney disorders may produce the skin darkening under the eyes. You may have to get a checkup done on this organ properly to know the real cause. Some deficiency of nutrients may also lead to this. There is an indirect connection between the kidney function and the skin health around the eyes.

 Overexposure to Sun: If you venture out in the sun too much, you may see a significant change in the skin color under the eyes. This difference however may happen all over the body or just certain parts. You may shield your body well and even the face. But the nose and eyes are the areas that are generally exposed to the outdoors. This will generally make the eyes more susceptible to tanning.