Here are some reasons why you should give up the habit of smoking as early as possible. So lets study few important tips to quit it.

Smoking is a habit that most people find very difficult to give up. If you are addicted to cigarettes and are in search of the best way to quit smoking, we have some quit smoking tips for you. Smoking is an addiction, which is very difficult to give up. This is because when you try to withdraw you may even have to face the withdrawal symptoms.

Reasons to quit smoking

Smoking has hazardous impact on your health. Your habit of smoking not just affects you but also the health of people around you. Some of the major ill effects of smoking are:

  • Cigarettes contain carcinogens, which may lead to lung cancer.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, you have a greater chance of having a stroke or heart attack.
  • Cigarettes can make you look older adding more wrinkles to your face.
  • It can cause you to have stained teeth and foul breath.
  • By smoking cigarettes, you are not just affecting your health but also the health of people around you.

While getting addicted to the habit of smoking could be easy, quitting can often be a challenging task. It can be tough to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Quit Smoking Tips

Nicotine addiction is both psychological as well as physical. Most smokers find it very difficult to give up this unhealthy habit. Here are some tips to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

Exercise regularly:

If you exercise regularly, your body becomes active. You can fight the nicotine cravings by regular exercise. You should join a exercise group. This will give you a healthy routine.

Drink ample water:

You should drink adequate amounts of water. Fruit juices and herbal teas are also good for health. It would be wiser to limit the consumption of alcohol, coffee and soft drinks. These drinks have a tendency to increase the urge to smoke.

Get more sleep:

Your body gets proper rest when you sleep properly. You must thus try to get adequate sleep. Sleep also helps to avoid feelings like stress and depression, which may provoke you to return to smoking.

Try to avoid sugar and fatty foods:

You should make sure you do not skip meals. You can have carrots or other veggies or low fat cottage cheese for snack.

Take deep breaths:

When you face nicotine cravings, you must distract yourself. You can talk to someone, read a book or take deep breaths.

Change your habits:

You should alter your habits. Take a different route to office and avoid the one where you used to regularly smoking. Get up from table right after eating to avoid that regular cigarette you have after dinner. By altering your habits, you can greatly reduce your cravings to smoke.

These are just a few common tips, which will help you give up the habit of smoking. While the nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be painful, if you have willpower you can easily get over these symptoms. Smoking is the reason for death of millions of people every year. If you still smoke, give up the habit before it gets too late.