Around 7 percent from 18 million people who suffers from coronary artery disease is women than men. So lets know about it.

Coronary artery disease is a widespread appearance of heart disease that tends to cause death among men and women. Coronary artery disease and coronary heart disease takes place when the fatty plague collects inside the women’s arteries. Usually heart disease occurs when the arteries that convey bloods to your heart becomes clogged due to the fatty plaque and cholesterols that gets collected. Due to the narrowed arteries, they fail to supply the adequate amount of blood and oxygen to the heart. Thus, cause them to get trapped in the coronary heart disease. If in case a women develops any kind of above signs and symptoms then they must immediately seek the help from the doctors to tackle this problem.

Some of the signs and symptoms mentioned bellow.

Difficulty while breathing

A female who has the possibility of coronary heart disease may feel the shortage in breathing. The difficulty in breathing can appear due to the insufficient amount of blood and oxygen that supplies to the heart. A definite woman that develops the shortage of breathes may feels uncomfortable. In some cases, the affected woman observes the fatigueless every after physical activity.

Chest Pain

Pain in chest pain is obvious, as the arteries don’t provides ample blood to heart. Women are more likely to go through comfortless sensation within the chest. Women developing this form of heart disease can increase the sensation pain, fullness squeezing sensation or pressure in the chest. The above sensation communally referred as angina and increase as the time passes. The symptoms of the chest pain might spreads out in the other parts of the upper body like arms, back, jaws and neck. Women who experience with abrupt severe pain in the chest must seek immediate help from your nearest doctor rather to get the situation worsen. The symptom of the coronary disease also shows the signals of heart attack so you have to be very careful if this thing occurs with you.

Fatigue and Weakness

Due to the poor flow of blood to the heart prevents the tissues, body cells and organs from getting the energy that a women need to give a complete support for physical activities. Therefore, due to the inadequate energy that usually women need thus due to the corny artery disease a women feels weakness and fatigue. A woman with these symptoms feels complexity to remain active in their physical activity and gets troubled in their work or curricular activities.

Upset Stomach

Due to the coronary artery, disease women might experience with vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite this can correlated with the weakness as well as fatigue.

Heart Attack

In some cases, women’s with coronary artery disease might not experience with the heart attack unless they the arteries that does not supply adequate blood to the heart or has been blocked. When the flow of blood to the heart gets disturbed then the women might come across with the heart disease.