The wonderful moment in a women’s life is when she is carrying another life in her womb and feeling the same heart beats what that little one is feeling. Don’t you think so? It’s said that giving birth to a child is actually rebirth for a lady as she has to go through too many complications during this period of her life. To undergo safe pregnancy and for a healthy child, below given are some important points you need to shun or avoid.

1. Stay away from tension and stress: Keep yourself away from any kind of stress as maximum pressure or tension affects your physical body which indirectly attacks your child. Not only this, tension also affects the blood pressure and can also cause insomnia, constipation, and back pain.

2. Intake of Tobacco, Alcohol and Smoke should be strictly avoided:  SMOKING, ALCOHOL AND TOBACO IS A BIG NO FOR A PREGNANT WOMEN!! This not only harms you but also your unborn baby, as the exposure to the smoke reduces the amount of oxygen which your baby should get. Tobacco causes complications to preterm labor. Alcohol has destructive effects on your baby as your baby can have mental disorder or fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

3. Do not over consume the medicines:  some medicines contain some benign or harmful ingredients which can harm your baby. Thus medicines overdose of medicines should be avoided until and unless your gynecologist approves or recommends any kind of medicines.

4. Avoid having any kind of Caffeine: caffeine includes some kind of addictive drug that kindles not only the heart but also your brain. Remember, when you consume beverages like coffee, soda or tea at the time of pregnancy it’s also feeding your unborn baby. Thus it would be wise to avoid suck kind of addictive and harmful stuffs.

5. The fish containing the amount of mercury should be avoided: baby may suffer with the brain damage if you consume fishes which contain mercury in their fatty tissues. Shark, king mackerel, tilefish, sea bass, fresh tuna, and swordfish are one of them which have to be avoided.